The first contact

As with all important things, the right information at the right time and in the right place is also significant for lawyers. The first strategic alignments are always the most important and therefore the first contact with an advisor or lawyer of the client’s choice is too. If you start off in the wrong direction you will often find it impossible to turn back. It is just as bad a sign to fear the unknown with a lawyer as it is as at the doctor’s: prevention is always better than the cure and often the price of the lawyer becomes much more expensive if he is contacted too late.

Although the law society suggests making the first consultation free of charge we do not, as much as we esteem it, find this to be the most suitable way of building trust. For one, we believe we can survive competition even without such giveaways. And secondly, very often carefully establishing the foundations for the decision whether (and which) legal instruction should be issued is linked with such considerable input and complexity that it would be irresponsible to promise it free of charge.

Indeed, we regard it as our most responsible and exclusive duty to advise you whether you will require our help at all – and following from this, we also regard it as our most discerning intent, to refuse to represent a client if it can only be disadvantageous for him, even when the client desires it. It is not unheard of that in some cases people have to be protected from themselves. Those who rely on every application as a case for their own law firm will not always be able to act in the interests of the client. Furthermore, the lawyer who sends the client away without opening a file about them does not always harm their request. Often it is the best proof of a lawyer’s quality that he does not take on certain applications, in the well-understood interests of the client.

You can therefore be even more assured that when we look into your request for assistance this is not because we have to think of our own turnover. And our advice not to call upon representation by our law firm will always be the most worthwhile thing. For this to happen, the person who gives such advice has to be financially independent. Do not feel afraid to contact us, as good advice does not always have to be expensive.



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