Sound advice from DDr. Fürst

It is well known that it is not always the client’s representation to the outside world (which requires the classic “mandate”) that forms the traditional occupational image of the lawyer. It is rather more his advice (at least to a degree) which only has an effect in the personal, private relationship between client and lawyer and is correspondingly exclusively defined by the orders issued by the client.

It has always been the first point of contact for a lawyer to formulate contracts up to testamentary dispositions but also to the decision about all other important points of orientation in the legal life of the individual – whether it is a matter of the most private things, such as in family law, or the most far-carrying decisions in larger economic contexts.

In lots of cases the result of a legal consultation will then become the client’s mandate for representation – either in the relationship to other private legal subjects (for example in civil court proceedings or also in non-contested proceedings) or in the relationship to superior authorities, for example the state (or other regional authorities) and its agencies, a social insurance agent or another self-governing agent – in administrative proceedings or in the public courts of law.

But legal advice will not always open out into a commission for representation, as it makes no sense to laboriously fight against justified claims, or to want to cost-intensively assert unstable rights in the face of considerable opposition ... and hereby the first moment of contact to your lawyer, to our law firm, is the most important way to set your points of orientation, because it decides the most important question of the way upon which to embark.



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