In a lawsuit

For more than ten years now our manager, the lawyer DDr. Gerald Fürst, has been the organiser and main legal consultant of the largest training institution in the legal academy (the society for the promotion of legal training and further education PLC) concerning the lawyer’s main activity: the lawsuit. Before 1990, these further education courses were held three times per year and were heavily subscribed, with workshop participants often registering for them months in advance. In the courses he lectures about the correct way to carry out a lawsuit and works in very close collaboration with the best judges of the (largest) Higher Regional Court in the district of Vienna.

But in his training and further education practice our manager also deals with many other more practical and not exclusively judicial issues involved in lawsuits and legal practices. Over the years these have comprised the questioning technique, (not only as the most important way for a lawyer to lead conflict-laden trials) trial tactics and negotiations strategies inside and outside legal proceedings, rhetoric and body language and the correct way for freelancers to communicate the lawyer’s fee. DDr. Fürst’s seminars and lectures have not only been organised by the legal academy but also by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and colleges (Hochschulen) in Salzburg and Liechtenstein.

The all-binding interest in lawsuits as the only real statutory duty of lawyers does not only come from a theoretical engagement with every (especially complicated) method of communication but directly from an original pleasure in acting: no different from every simple parlour game played for fun – or in drama on the main stages of this world. In much more serious legal cases it is also very often simply a case of following the rules of the course, its theoretical knowledge and practical feasibility, its correct implementation and further development.

Just as in a game, those know have a better knowledge of the rules have better chances of winning. Those who really know the rules of the game can also become the game’s instructor, or the director in theatre and film. The Austrian legal profession’s trust in our manager should also be a convincing argument that our firm can count itself among the best in the implementation of your rights in the face of considerable opposition.



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