Less is more

We are aware that in every one of our cases the (qualitative) result of our work is more important for the clients than the (quantitative) investment we have put into it. As an extreme example, a lost court case does not only elicit the fee of the lawyer and court costs but also compensation for the opposition. This idea of ‘everything or nothing’ in conflict makes the importance of good (not laborious and expensive) representation clear.

But also in so-called ‘non-contested’ proceedings, the lawyer must achieve results for his clients that are of more value or save more than his fee amounts to. And because the value of the lawyer’s advice must always be higher than the price of his payment, we view it as our most responsible duty to advise whether a client actually requires our assistance at all.

We live in times where charges are made at an hourly rate. Time and again people forget that only in the rarest cases the value of the legal payment is dependent on the time dedicated to it. Rather than charging the quantity of the service it is often much more important to ask whether the time has sufficed to develop a good idea and a creative achievement from the advisor.

'Less is more' in a legal context thus means that the right course which is already set at the beginning of a consultation and representation often helps save detours later on. Lawyers’ firms should therefore not only be compared according to their hourly rates.



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