Quality instead of quantity

We have decided to make the quality of our legal advice and the representation of the quality of our duties and business a priority in our office. We do not want to be bigger than others, but better. It is not always the case, but time and again quality and quantity prove themselves to be mutually exclusive. Big tanker ships might be able to transport more but they are also less flexible and less easy to moor than speedboats.

Not everyone can afford to dismiss or refuse clients, even when a lawyer, if he is honest, must admit that the case cannot be profitable for the client. And it is often the large international legal offices which are forced to generate work for themselves (following Parkinson’s Law of the self-preservation of systems) just in order to keep up with themselves.

It is not the size of a legal office that decides its real quality or the level of achievement attained by the lawyer that determines its real value. Precisely for this reason you should only chose a law firm, which enables you to be convinced of its reliability and trustworthiness. An argument lasting one year which is then finally lost is far more expensive than the well-considered advice (which might seem more expensive at first sight) not to conduct that kind of lawsuit at all.

You should not feel afraid to make contact with us, as this is the only way to be personally convinced of the trustworthiness of the lawyer and the quality of his practice. What other people say about lawyers is either only what they have heard from others or cannot be objective for other reasons entirely. Futile or unpromising lawsuits which are conducted to buy time and are then lost are not necessarily a sign of bad quality in a law firm, but a case which is won and could never have been lost illustrates just as little achievement.



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