Of real estate

Property law has always been our active focus: the property management department of our law firm (now hived off into the DDr. Fürst Realtreuhand Ges.mbH.) dates back to the fifties. In the housing and property-owner association (now Interessen-Vereinigung Immobilien) our lawyers have been executing central functions for decades. We are always best when it comes to property, houses and residences: tenancy law, leasehold law, freehold flats, building laws, building contracts and property development laws are our specialities.

We favour the term ‘real’ estate for specific reasons: originally derived from the Latin ‘res’ meaning thing, the word itself signalises a sense of present, concrete and subsumable things. This is not only intended for virtual or notional constructions, as often the case with lawyers.

The “tangibility and understanding” linked with real property rights are naturally increased by so-called “un-moveable” things: properties on the one hand have a permanent existence but on the other hand they cannot be increased or reproduced. Both their immortality and lack of reproductive capability account for their special attraction which is “true value”. The depths of a person’s relation to real estate is not only shown by the (economic) fact that on average, they probably spend the largest sums of money in their life on it, but also property’s fundamental place in historical cultural consciousness: the British ‘castle’ (“My home is my castle”) is the most important source of warmth to the Germans (“Eigener Herd ist Goldes wert” – one’s own hearth is worth gold).

Real estate is therefore of interest to us in all of its manifestations. The allotment garden in the suburbs requires legal rules exactly like the representative city palace. Zinsburgen (ancient castles) generate just as wide a field of activity for lawyers as modern freehold flat laws in large constructions. Our expertise stretches from the plots of land in their various allocations of land use to the buildings on them. It does not matter whether these pieces of real estate serve a person’s own fundamental living requirements or are pure money making constructions and property securities which can be beholden to a more or less professional way of thinking about utilising them.



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