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We fundamentally doubt the meaningfulness of a purely quantitative coverage of the value of the lawyer’s services for a very different, and in our opinion, much more important reason: it simply does not correlate to the essence of intellectual achievements to exclusively charge for them according to the required time spent dealing with them.

Apart from the fact that the most fastidious “time coverage” (instead of “achievement coverage”), inescapably implied for this type of charging, has to gives unequal weighting to the degree of complexity in the matter, it also gives the possibility to earn more – and also, to invest more time into lucrative work than is really necessary. So we can now see the problem much more deeply:

A good, albeit not the most important, part of legal work is not composed of quantitative but qualitative aspects. It is important to cover the legal issue in hand in its most important dimensions from the very beginning in order to be able to immediately diagnose it correctly and then enable the right therapy, to develop ideas and to give rise to creativity. This is, in the widest sense, not a question of the time which is provided for the issue but rather imaginativeness and a specific judicial intellectual talent.

Our final plea against the hourly wage rate (even if we are prepared to enter such types of agreement if necessary) arises from our conviction that less is more. In this way it is also true that those who buy cheaply sell dear. Or, to put it in other words: what we want to offer is class rather than mass.



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