Until 2019 and beyond

A firm foundation in the past is the best guarantee for a flourishing future: There are a plethora of fascinating technical possibilities at our disposal: electronic legal relations with courts via the internet, the possibilities of virtually filing legally relevant documents in legal archives with unlimited storage capacity, the non-stop monitoring possibilities of external legal databanks, constant online links to the commercial register and land register and the other potentially boundless possibilities of searches on the world wide web. However, behind these possibilities the real essence should not be forgotten or discarded.

The most decisive legal benefit will always remain a personal and individual one, in which not only knowledge and intelligence play the central roles but above all the ability to distinguish important from unimportant things in an increasingly complicated legal world. Our mottos ‘quality instead of quantity’, ‘class instead of mass’ und ‘less is more’ also mean that in this era of monumental stimulus-satiation and the exponential growth of information in the world (as in the legal sector) the legal task of the conglomeration of knowledge is being displaced by the methodical ability to select truly relevant knowledge and know the best way to deal with it.

It is easier to keep track of this when the historic dimension of the legal profession and the development of one’s own company throughout foregone decades are reviewed and kept in mind. As if in a pyramid structure, legal knowledge becomes increasingly ramified into details in the course of the development of law. The better lawyer will always be he who, travelling upwards in this pyramid, can preserve perspective of the whole and establish a sense of coherency for his client.

We have the firm intention of rounding off the centenary of our office in 2019 after it was founded in 1919 and furthermore continue to offer our services to you.



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