Consistency is second to none

The client’s trust in his or her lawyer has always been a question of year-long importance and value. The question is regularly justified, firstly, due its long-term time period: clients’ important legal decisions, be they of a commercial or private nature, have often only been proved as right or wrong decades after they were taken. The thought ‘spanning generations’, ever-present in our company due to its long-standing existence, still requires greater accuracy in the consideration of the long term effects of the most negligible differentiations in legal advice. As we have already given advice to the parents and grandparents of our present clients, we can judge the effects of decisions (often taken decades in the past) in our own business in the best way.

Time and again (even today) we find ourselves confronted with files, cases and contracts, which have already been dealt with by the grandfather or aunt of our present manager. This has the necessary consequence that we have gained a better understanding of the development of law and our profession. Above all, however, the client benefits from concrete diachronic legal knowledge, often resulting from the factual background information provided in our files.

And conversely, no competition would admit that everyone in the legal sector learns from the mistakes they make. Here, our invaluable advantage against our competition is that we can learn (and have learnt) from the mistakes made by our predecessors in our family business and that they therefore lie behind us.

We are therefore best at dealing with long term perspectives rather than day-to-day decisions. For example when it comes to property law (our main area) we offer advice to companies, which, when well lead and well advised, can exist for generations just as our company has. But we are just as effective in a legal area, which would traditionally rather be assigned to the competition of licensed notaries – inheritance law. It is precisely because we know the effects of legal cases over the decades that we always think beyond short-term advantages and see further.



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