The present

Born under the star sign scorpion on 3rd November 1957, Gerald Fürst, the nephew of Dr Hilde Domberger is the present manager of DDr. FÜRST Rechtsanwalts-GmbH. He passed his school leaving examinations with distinction at the humanist grammar school Keim-Gasse in Mödling in 1975. A study of ancient Greek language and literature, and the culture of the origins of the occident left their mark on the student and were deeply formative for him.

Having grown up in a family which had always been pedagogically orientated (both parents and both siblings are still teachers today), he completed his studies in Jänna. He attained a legal degree with a PhD in Law in 1981 and a degree in communication studies in 1986 with a PhD in Philosophy. His academic study into the conditions and structures of mutual human association aroused a keen interest in the non-legal aspects of the communication between lawyer and client, one’s own clients and one’s opposition, one’s representatives and thirds party member such as judges (in highly evolved conflict situations).

After studying theatre direction at the Viennese Max Reinhardt-Seminar for three years he discontinued his study in order to take up an offer from Claus Peymann of a fixed-term contract as assistant director at Bochum’s city-theatre. Drama offers an important education in observing and shaping human actions and thought-processes, be it on a stage, in a conference room, an auditorium or in a court room.

At the completion of his civil service DDr Gerald Fürst returned to Austria and, after graduating from his training in 1993, he entered the office of his aunt, Dr Domberger and was added to the official list of lower Austrian lawyers in the bar association. At the same time the FÜRST & DOMBERGER Rechtsanwälte-Kommanditpartnerschaft was founded. The company’s name was later changed to Rechtsanwälte-Partnerschaft DDr. Gerald Fürst KEG after several alterations in the structure of the general partners. Finally in 2006 the company was given its present title, DDr. FÜRST Rechtsanwalts-GmbH.



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