The first handover

Hilda, the younger daughter of Dr Adolf Eberl, was born on 29th November 1926. She initially studied Biology in Mödling after passing her school leaving examinations, but then, following the suave reputation of the family business (and to help relieve her much occupied father) she completed her PhD in law in December 1950.

She spent her time practising exclusively in her father’s business and became a partner of the office in February 1958. At that time there was already an number of highly reputed lawyers in Mödling, such as Dr. Otto Scheff, Dr. Adolf Rziha, Dr. Hanns Hügel, Dr Kamenitzky, Dr. Bombiero, Dr Gustav Pollak und Dr Albert Drach. She worked along side these people until the founder of the business retired.

After many years as the sole businesswoman with various legal initiates and as the only female lawyer in the entire district, she founded the FÜRST & DOMBERGER Rechtsanwälte-Kommanditpartnerschaft (FÜRST & DOMBERGER lawyers-partnership company). This is the predecessor of today’s Rechtanwalts-GmbH. At the end of 1995 she entered a well-deserved retirement.

Frau Dr. Domberger continues to live in Mödling to this day and occupies herself with academic studies, art and culture. She has prominently inherited a love of nature from her father: she does not need trips abroad or visits to foreign continents but is happiest in her local environment, the Vienna Woods and in her beloved Enns Valey of Steiermark.



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