The founder

Adolf, the son of the school master and mistress Theodor and Elise EBERL, was born on 12th April 1888 in Untersiebenbrunn and initially attended the Piaristen-Gymnasium and then Austrian Boarding School as a Hofsängerknabe. He passed his school leaving examinations with distinction in 1907 in St Pölten and earned a doctorate in law at the law and political science department of Vienna in December 1912.

He completed his legal practice with the ‘Viennese regional court’ and ‘the local court of Mödling’ und began as a trainee lawyer with the lawyer Dr Carl Walther in Mödling in October 1913. Notwithstanding his failed medical examination for military service, for which he had registered voluntarily for one year, he was called up for the replacement squad in June 1915. In the summer of 1917 after Sarajevo and having been posted to the South-West front in March 1918, he became ill, suffering from a lung infection and was reallocated to the Isonzo-Armee commando from October 1918. This spelt the end of his military service and occurred at roughly the end of the First World War.

On the 24th and 26th June 1919 he passed the written lawyer examination together with the accompanying oral examination, taken on 12th June 1919, and was added to the official list of lower Austrian lawyers. He established himself as a lawyer in Mödling, initially in an office with his trainee. Hereby in August 1919 the office was established as a family business, although it had been in operation for a long time as a legal office already.

As a Christian Social Party member of the district council of the town from 1921 until 1933 he fell from favour when the National Socialists rose to power and eluded them by moving to Vienna with his legal practice. After the end of the Second World War he returned to Mödling and resumed his occupational and political functions. He was an enthusiastic follower of football, rambling and hiking and remained active until his later years despite increasing hearing difficulties. He entered retirement at the end of 1964 and after peaceful sunset years died on 25th August 1979.



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