Since 1919

Originally established as a co-partnership with the founder’s trainee solicitor, our office has been a family-run business since the end of the First World War: The grandfather of our present director, originally from Marchfeld, chose the town of Mödling as the registered office for his legal practice – at a time, when he only had to share the regional market with two other legal practices.

The historic situation at that time, directly after the end of the Habsburg Monarchy which had lasted for six long centuries, had to come to terms with the fact that the former world power of Austro-Hungary had been reduced to a fraction of its former glory and importance. Democracy and a republican constitution in the form of a federal state were new territories for all Austrians.

It was, however, precisely this precariousness in dealing with the new form of the state and the legal system (commonplace for us today) which had a disastrous effect in the following years. Initially, in the early 1930s, Austro-fascism launched the young state into a civil war which culminated in the burning of the palace of justice (which, having just been renovated, now glistens in renewed splendour). The following annexation and the governance of the Third Reich led directly to a world war, which raged more severely than the recently endured First World War. Today we can speak of the fact that the founder of our business and member of the Christian Social Party never came to terms with the leaders and therefore even had to transfer his legal practice to Vienna.

Several of our practice’s customer-relations stretch back to the beginnings of our business: some of the present clients of DDR. FURST Rechtsanwalts-GmbH are descendents of our first clients. Above all, it is important to see the historic dimension of the present practice in view of this imposing background: they did not only survive the difficult Austro-fascist Dollfuss years in the thirties, the Nazi Regime, the Second World War and the following restoration phase, but also – and this possibly provides more important evidence – the bloom in affiliation with it and the phase of seemingly boundless growth.



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